Being born in Miami, Florida, a city of vibrancy and color, may explain Brandy’s innate energetic personality.A� But she was raised right here in the incomparable Bay Area, surrounded by the diverse culture, natural beauty, and exposure to art that has inspired so many performers before her, and that has truly shaped who she is today.
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Brandy has always contributed her initial interest in performing to a passion for reading, and using her imagination.A� From an early age she enjoyed singing along to Disney movies, and writing skits that she forced her siblings and cousins to participate in.A� She began dancing at the age of five, and it thrilled her immensely, but she didn’t really discover her love of musical theater until her uncle took her to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Curran when she was eight.A� And then she knew; she knew that this was what made sense to her, and what she really wanted to do!

And yet despite that light-bulb moment, unlike so many budding actors nowadays, Brandy didn’t have the opportunity to do her first musical until she was eleven, and she didn’t start voice training until the following year.A� But this a�?latea�? start pushed her to develop a show to start a research papertrong work ethic quickly, and she soaked up the knowledge from every theatrical experience she was privileged enough to participate in, learning from every success and more importantly, every failure.

Brandy joined Actor’s Equity in 2007, which was a very proud moment indeed.A� She has been fortunate enough to work with various regional theaters in the Bay Area over the years, and to have experienced many challenging and exciting roles.A� Some of her performances were honored with regional Best Actress awards and nominations. Favorites include: Millie, Thoroughly Modern Millie-Shellie Award Best Actress, and Best Production of a Musical; Peter Pan, Peter Pan, Shellie Award Best Actress; Hilda Miller, Plain and Fancy, Bay Area Theater Critic’s Circle Award Nominee; Hope Cladwell, Urinetown where to buy domperidone online, where to buy domperidone online, where to buy domperidone online, where to buy domperidone online, where to buy domperidone online, where to buy domperidone online, where to buy domperidone online, where to buy domperidone online. , Sally Bowles, Cabaret, and Tracy Turnblad, Hairspray.

In the midst of all this performing, Brandy developed an interest in choreography and teaching youth theater at multiple schools, and conservatories.A� She also found a joy and talent for voice-over work, voicing several characters for Sega, Agetech and The Learning Company.

Ever eager to experience new projects, Brandy continues to seek out roles and endeavors that bring her growth and fulfillment as an actress.